Test Program "WE SHARE"

Program Explanation

Welcome to LIFEstyle Resource Magazine‘s test project called “We Share”.


We created this password-protected page to ensure content is for USERS ONLY. It is not on any other platform or menus because it’s via participation ONLY., e.g. Those given the protected passwords may share it. Therefore, we frequently change password. Exclusive USERS like yourself created this page. Passwords are case sensitive, so copy and paste.


We Share Content

Videos, Cash prize links, FREE stuff not free elsewhere, free eBooks and all the good stuff for our favorite USERS. All categories of new, free, used great products & services are yours. This page’s content is scheduled to appear at the administrators’ discretion, for sweepstake updates, email promos and other gifts. This provides better control over link protection, which often gets compromised by outsourced companies.

You will never miss out again!


Explained: Page Shutdowns

Because this page is for special promotions, it’s often hidden and password protected or blocked after the promotion ran its course. We surf the internet, back roads, highways and byways EVERYWHERE, and come across amazing finds. We simply place them here.


Thanks for your posts, letters, donations and prayers. For longer letters: Submit Here

This is a limited Time Offer Page.

Page scheduled for SHUTDOWN after all PROMOTIONS

Furnished Housing Rentals
1,000's Of Resell Rights Products

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