“Farragut Housing Community”

New York City Housing Authority operates the Farragut Houses. It comprises 10 non-sequentially numbered buildings with 10 families on each floor, standing 14 stores in height (14 floors). Originally built for military families during wartime, all walls are made of concrete embedded with lead and 1½ inch-heavy steel apartment doors. They are titled, “The Projects”. All major bus lines, subway lines, and bridges start here. The Farragut Houses; titled after Admiral Farragut, a Navy Officer. The basement of each building was designed to be nuclear fallout shelters.  

“Formerly, the buildings had a pair of odd & even elevators until late 70’s, everything onsite through-out a maze of buildings, floor levels and apartments. (laundry, in-house store, playgrounds, community office) The buildings use to incinerate trash.”

~ Per “Original family Names”  Old Timer. 

Farragut has over 2300+ members in their Facebook groups. They get together for Old Timer’s Day and celebrate the neighborhood newbies and old-school folks. Sometimes they attend picnics in Commodore Barry Park near Fort Greene neighborhood, attend a private yacht cruise around the borough with fireworks and dancing on-board or, watch movies together on the Jumbotron. This happens once a year in the summer of August for two or three days in a row. The New York City Police Department (84th precinct Brooklyn) barricades the streets to allow “Brooklynites” visiting from miles around and across the globe to attend block parties (Sands Street).
We have an old saying, “Wherever you go, there’s always someone from Brooklyn”. A very close-knit community near the Brooklyn Navy Yard which contain several businesses. The Brooklyn Navy Yard Today is the center of urban manufacturing and innovation. A one-of-a-kind ecosystem that spans 300 acres, housing 500+ businesses, and employing 11,000+ people.
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is to inspire, educate, and fully prepare our gifted students to become exceptional artists. Through a unified curriculum that incorporates a broad spectrum of disciplines integrating art, technology, and academics, our students are prepared to go on to college and careers with industry-standard mastery in the major of their choice.

With a commitment to promoting strong ethical values and a professional demeanor, we strive to foster a sense of community among our students, staff, and parents. Dedicated to engendering students’ productive, creative, and innovative participation in the world of visual arts as concerned and caring citizens of the global community. Donate, Thanks!

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"Nothing Can Stop God's Plan For Your LIFE. " ~ Isaiah 14:27

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The name Penamon is French. Don’t ask! Kimberley will tell you she’s from Brooklyn, New York’s Farragut Community, near the water that flows underneath the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge. 


Mother is of West Indian descent (Barbados: Saint Elizabeth Village), and Father is a southern man from Oxford, Mississippi, home of Ole Miss University. The High School of Art & Design, West-Beth, and her creative inspiration and talents were nurtured at the School of Visual Arts.


She’s a humanitarian, author, artist, homemaker, publisher, and entrepreneur who loves God, family, sports, and education. When you meet her, she is a sort of enigma. She has come a mighty long way. Share her journey.


The book illustrations are quality stock photos from Adobe Spark, Dreamstime, Ari Burling Photography, and the Author. These books are what she calls a new genre of poetry. Thus, “Urban Lifestyle Poetry” highlights people and events in urban neighborhoods. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as she wanted to write them. 


Books are POD on Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, and international bookstores online. These adult poetry books are non-fiction with a flare of fiction. 

Not for minors. Adult conversations are portrayed. Adult language and content.

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