What is a Webinar and How Does it Work?

A webinar is an online event that is hosted by an organization/company and broadcast to a select group of individuals through their computers via the Internet. (A webinar is sometimes also referred to as a “webcast”, “online event” or “web seminar”.)


A webinar allows a speaker from the hosting organization/company to share PowerPoint presentations, videos, web pages, or other multimedia content with audiences that can be located anywhere.   


Webinars typically have audio and visual components. They share the visual component of a webinar through a web conferencing tool or Internet browser. They usually broadcast the audio portion of a webinar through the audience’s computers (through speakers and media players) or through the telephone.


A webinar also allows the hosting organization/company to interact with an audience.  The audience can ask the speaker or moderator (who is leading the webinar) questions in real-time through an instant messaging tool or e-mail. 


is a creation tool for webinars and podcasts. Webinars are a significant source of information. Create your own webinars and podcasts, learn how, also record your information, save feedback for further use in eBooks and share on social media.


  1. Measure audience
  2. Monitor performance and interaction
  3. Connect 
  4. Share Innovating Ideas
  5. Invite guests
  6. Sell merchandise
  7. Mentor…
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The Best Webinar Software of 2023

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