I Gained Nothing From Perfect Work Attendance.

I Gained Nothing From Perfect Work Attendance.

The article highlights managing expectations and leveraging Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to cope with job burnout and financial planning.

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Food is a nutrient. And it’s toxic? Why?

Food is a nutrient. And it’s toxic? Why?

Pesticides used in agriculture and pest control like fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides, including widely used chlorpyrifos, have serious potential health risks. They can be toxic, contributing to various chronic diseases such as cancer, neurological disorders, and reproductive issues. Effective cleansing of these chemicals primarily involves the liver and kidneys. Moreover, pesticides significantly impact biodiversity and environmental health, underlining the need for safer alternatives and protection measures in handling and usage.

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Why It’s Good To Purge

Why It’s Good To Purge

Clear the way for your true potential—discard the negative, focus on the positive, and light up the darkness in pursuit of your deepest desires.

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Mental Illness: The Terrifying Truth

Mental Illness: The Terrifying Truth

Mental Illness: The Terrifying Truth. 50 million Americans suffer from a mental illness and 4.9% of these adult are severe cases.

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Don’t Let Anyone Label You

Don’t Let Anyone Label You

Ditch the labels! They’re emotional shackles, relics of past hurts. Break free—communicate, understand, grow. Don’t be a jar-bound pumpkin; respect diversity and start truly knowing others to unleash potential. #ShatterStereotypes

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Is Your Mommy/Daddy Job Over?

Is Your Mommy/Daddy Job Over?

As children grow, the role of a mother evolves. Balancing multiple responsibilities as a mother and wife can be overwhelming…

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